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Questions to Ask Your Facelift Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgery

January 15, 2020 | 4 minute read

Facelift Plastic Surgery

The face is the most noticeable part of the body. A majority of patients are naturally concerned about choosing the most appropriate cosmetic surgeon for their facelift surgery. This procedure should ideally only be performed by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. 


During the pre-op consultation, the patient should express their concerns on the facelift surgery to the surgeon. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez provides facelift surgery to patients in El Paso, TX, and surrounding communities.

Questions to Ask 

Before the initial consultation, the patient should enlist all questions and take this list to the appointment. The list of questions may include:

  • Are you board certified in plastic surgery? If yes, which board has awarded you this certification?
  • What number of years of training and experience do you have in the field of facial surgeries?
  • What is the satisfaction rate of the patients who have received a facelift from you?
  • Do you have operating privileges at a local hospital or surgical center?
  • What are the qualifications and backgrounds of the team members that will assist you with the facial surgery?
  • Am I a good candidate for facelift surgery?
  • What is the most appropriate facelift technique for my specific needs?
  • Can I see facelift before and after images of previous patients?
  • Can I review the testimonials of past patients who have undergone facelift surgery?
  • Can I meet one of your staff members to familiarize myself with the practice?
  • Will the procedure be undertaken using general anesthesia or local anesthesia?
  • In the event of a medical emergency, is your practice appropriately equipped to deal with it?
  • What will be the time taken to complete the procedure?
  • What are the possible risks pertaining to facelift surgery?

Questions about Costs

  • What will be the approximate costs of the facelift cosmetic surgery?
  • Does the cost estimate include pre and post-op expenses?
  • How will the choice of a surgical center, a hospital, or an accredited surgical suite affect the costs?
  • Do your charges as a plastic surgeon include the fees for post-op consultation?
  • In case I choose to undergo a combination of two or more procedures simultaneously, will the facelift surgery be more cost-effective?
  • Can your staff guide and assist me with insurance and financing options?

Are there age restrictions for a facelift surgery?

Compared to age, skin elasticity, and overall health have a significant effect on an individual’s ability to undergo this procedure. Most patients who undergo facelift surgery are fall in the age bracket of 40 to 70 years.

A qualified plastic surgeon can evaluate the skin condition and texture of each patient to make an individual recommendation and judgment on their candidacy for a facelift. 

A trained plastic surgeon can assess the skin texture and condition of each patient to make an individual judgment and recommendation on their candidacy for facelift surgery.

Additional Tips

Prior to the initial consultation, the patient should go over the surgeon’s website. On top of this, they can check the reviews and ratings on the surgeon and their practice on third-party platforms. 

Furthermore, the patient should also engage with previous facelift surgery patients on digital platforms to acquire more insights on the facelift surgery from the point-of-view of another patient. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez receives patients from El Paso, TX, and nearby areas for facelift surgery.

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