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“I had my Tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift four months ago. Dr. Gonzalez did an amazing job. The results are amazing, I feel like a new person, His staff is the best, they all make you feel so comfortable.”

“Excellent Plastic Surgeon. Highly Recommend. Great Artistic Ability. You’ll Be Pleased With His Talent As Well As Professional Staff.”

“The best plastic surgeon that I have met and he was honest about the results I was going to get from my procedures. Dr. Gonzales is honest about the results you will get.”

“I had a brazilian butt and liposculpting on my back, arms, inner thighs, and abdomen recently done with Dr. Gonzalez. The results have exceeded my expectations. The definition in my abdomen, back and arms truly makes it seem as if I spend hours in the gym every day. He completely transformed my body through his inovative sculpting techniques. More than anything else, His customer service is above the rest. His bedside manners and care toward his patients speaks for itself. He has the best and most helpful staff. He is by far, the best surgeon, not only in El Paso, but throughout the region.”

“Went in for a revision of a past Botched plastic surgery. I am so happy and exited about getting what I wanted in the first place. Dr. Gonzalez really knows what he is doing. He made me feel very confident and comfortable about the procedure that I will be having. I had a “Mini” Abdominoplasty, and a Brazilian Butt Lift done by another doctor across the street about 8 months ago and am completely disgusted and disappointed with the results. I will have a second BBL and the 4DVaser Lipo by Dr. Gonzalez. I am so very excited! Ladies and Gentlemen do not hesitate to go in for a Consultation with Dr. Gonzalez. I promise you, you will not regret it. Plus, his staff members are very nice. If only I had met him before I had my previous surgery I would have saved thousands of dollars. Now I have to pay again for him to fix another Dr’s Mistake,but its ok because I’ve seen his work and its Incredible and completely worth it. One of the girls that works with him had the same procedure and My Goodness, Wow. Its no joke. He really does give you a Designer Body.”

“Simply the best of the best!! Dr. Reynolds and Staff please STOP hating on Dr. Gonzalez. You guys are way below Dr. Gonzalez and his AMAZING BEAUTIFUL Staff!! You guys are just mad because he’s taking all of the business including your botched patients. Dr. Gonzalez is more than just a plastic surgeon he is the BEST plastic surgeon in El Paso!! I am more than glad to give him my business. I am one of Dr. Reynolds BOTCHED patients that has decided to make Dr. Gonzalez my new Plastic Surgeon. I have received the most amazing treatment from Dr. Gonzalez and his staff. Obviously the person saying the two negative comments is the same person that doesn’t know what they’re talking about because if they have been to his facility you wouldn’t be saying anything negative. Dr. Gonzalez does NOT put himself “in front of patients” whatever that means? You cant compare the poor patient care that Dr. Reynolds staff provide to Dr. Gonzalez AMAZING staff. If you want excellent results and excellent patient treatment Dr. Gonzalez is the one to go to.”

“Dr. Gonzalez performed a Brazillian Butt Lift on me in December and I am so happy with my results. He is such a great doctor he explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions that it gave me all the confidence in his expertise. I admit I was a little scared but he made me feel comfortable and I just love the way I look now. I highly recommend Dr. Gonzalez!!! His office staff is awesome as well!!!!”

“I just underwent a complete makeover! I am so happy that I choose Dr. Gonzalez I first wanted surgery back in 2013 he refused to do it, however we did the augmentation but he was brutally honest and told me he will not do my surgery until he knows it will be successful! Another words you have to loose weight! So I went on a long journey and lost weight, modified my life style, Well it’s 1/16 after working with me for complete about 18 months he finally thought I was ready for it! I just underwent a addominoplasty, brizillian butt lift with a complete liposuction ( my whole body from my shoulders to my knees) WOW a big surgery but my goodness I can’t believe how amazing I look! I am so excited , FYI I am already getting a lot of compliments and I am only 1 week post op and back at work and feeling great!! I didn’t realize it was just a physicial transformation but it was a emtional pyshological one as well! I am so grateful for Dr. Gonzalez, for Cindy and his amazing staff! Oh yeah I forgot to mention I have undergone some Botox in the process… Here’s the thing I am not sure why but for some weird reason I have only needed 3 times the Botox in the past 18 month FYI : NOT in the SAME area!! It held up for a long time and he does this mini eye lift thing that makes my face look like I am 22 years old FYI I am 38! Couldn’t be happier! People now think I look like my 18 years daughters sister!”

“Gave me back my confidence after correcting another surgeon’s work. Very professional, blessed and gifted, a master at what he was clearly born to do. Went back for another surgery and couldn’t be happier”

“Dr. Marco Gonzalez is very professional and well educated in his field .. Would highly recommend him..”

“If I could give a rating higher than five it would be well deserved for Dr. Gonzalez and the ladies that staff his practice. I am a female in my early forties and have wanted to have abdominalplasty for some time however have always worried about scarring. After doing research and speaking with friends, I made the decision to go with Dr. Gonzalez. Words cannot express how pleased and excited I am with my results. I cannot wait for summer! I have seen a lot of photos of botched surgeries and some I guess normal to some people however those norms do not compare to the skill and outcome of Dr. Gonzalez’ work. My incision is so clean, precise and minimal. My abdominal muscles are so tight and defined. I am an African American female which incisions tend to darker; however my incision is healing so well and lightening also. In addition to the Abdominalplasty, I had the BBL and let me say…KIM K. can have a seat behind me now. I am so amazed and pleased with the results. There is another procedure that I would like to have done and when I am able to do it I will definitely be trusting Dr. Gonzalez for my procedure. I recommend Dr. Marco Gonzalez to anyone that is considering having any type of cosmetic surgery. Self-confidence, looking great and feeling great is priceless! Thank you Dr. Gonzalez and the lovely ladies that staff his practice!!!”

“I can’t tell you all how grateful I am to have found such an outstanding plastic surgeon. I had always been scared to have any plastic surgery because of the horrible looking scars most of my friends have after these types of surgeries. After talking to several of Dr. Gonzalez’s patients, and seeing the minimal signs of scarring, I made an appointment with him. I was truly amazed at how knowledgeable and skillful surgeon he is. I put myself in his hands in June. He did an abdominalplasty, lipo suction and Brazilian butt enhancement. I can truly tell you that I hardly had any pain and am trilled at the total results. Dr. Gonzalez has changed my life. I love my body and how young I look when I dress with my totally new wardrobe. All my friends, family members, people I work with, and anyone who knows me, are astonished at my new look. Many of them want to have Dr. Gonzalez perform a similar procedure on them. I highly recommend Dr. Marco A. Gonzalez to any and all that are thinking to have any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery because he not only is an artist/sculpture but a reconstruction surgeon. He is a very caring person and so is all his staff. Thank you Doctor for taking at least 30 or more years off of my life. I feel GREAT and look FANTASTIC.”

“Dr. Gonzalez has been my personal plastic surgeon for a number of procedures. His work is outstanding and his staff are as well. Would not trust any other with my body than him. He is not only five stars but ten in my book. Do your research before you decide to go with another doctor. I did and my results were the best I have ever had. Thanks to Dr. Gonzalez and his team they gave me the results and natural results I wanted.”

“Recently had a bazilian butt lift and abdominalplasty. I was very apprehensive but Cindy and Dr Gonzalez put me at ease. They were very caring and knowledgeable. The office staff were also a very caring women. I shopped around and I am so very glad that I chose to do my surgery with Dr Gonzalez. I had awesome results! Now I know if I ever decide to do something else Dr Gonzalez is my go to doctor.”

“I just had a Breast Augmentation and am very happy with my results, Dr. Gonzalez and his staff are great.”

“Dr. Gonzalez and his staff are very professional and caring, I had an abdominoplasty with a Brazilian butt enhancement in September and had GREAT results right after my surgery!!! I HIGHLY recommend him. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR GONZALEZ!!!! :)”

“I can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Dr. Gonzalez. My daughter burned both her hands when she was a year old and we didn’t know what to do. Dr. Gonzalez heard about the accident and reached out to us and immediately arranged for us to meet him. He saw my daughter that night and worked on her hands. He is very knowledgeable and professional with everything he does. Dr. Gonzalez is very caring and patient and goes above and beyond what any other Doctor has ever done for us. One year later, my daughter’s hands look beautiful! I highly recommend Dr. Gonzalez he and his staff are absolutely amazing!”

“Dr. Gonzalez was recommended to me by a friend who had a complete mastectomy and reconstruction. I was so amazed by her natural looking results and her high praise of this doctor I went for a consultation about augmentation with a breast lift. I’m 6 weeks post op and I’m thrilled with the results. Pain was very minimal but more than that he really knows what he’s doing. After hearing some of the horror stories of botched jobs by other plastic surgeons, I would highly recommend Dr. Gonzalez. Like I’ve told my friends, you get what you pay for…”

“Dr. Gonzalez is an excellent physician with a heart of gold. He is caring and has a wonderful bedside manner. Dr Gonzalez gave me a new confidence that I lacked. He genuinely cares for his patients and is very reassuring. He answered all of my questions in a professional manner, with patience and understanding. He is very knowledgeable in his specialty. My results were beyond my expectations. His staff is courteous and helpful and always greet with a smile.”

“I couldn’t be more happy with TT and the repair of 2 hernias I didn’t even know I had. His hands are skilled and blessed. His office staff is a wonderful group of professional, kind and caring women. He gave me back the confidence I lost 29 years ago when I had my right ovary removed due to a tumor and I was left with a big scar and messed up belly button.I can say that I was blessed to have had my surgery with Dr. Gonzalez and I will be more than happy to recommend him to my family and friends.HE EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS :)”

“Dr. Gonzalez was extremely professional yet down to earth. He made me feel comfortable and was willing to discuss all aspects of my surgery and answer all my questions. When I called in with questions, I received prompt replies. Pain was very minimal and recovery was prompt and easy. I would recommend Dr. Gonzalez for anyone seeking plastic surgery.”

“After several revision surgeries done by another local well-known plastic surgeon, I had given up on repairing my dropped implant. A friend recommended Dr. Gonzalez, and my results were beyond my highest expectaions. I found him to be honest, extremely well-skilled, and dedicated to providing the best outcome possible. He is the only plastic surgeon in El Paso that I would recommend.”

“I had a wonderful experience staff was great and especially my results that I obtain. I would highly recomend Dr. Marco A. Gonzalez. What a compassionate doctor”

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For more information on Plastic Surgery (cirugía plástica) and Non-Surgical Medical Spa procedures and treatments, please contact the offices of Board Certified Plastic Surgeon (cirujano plástico), Dr. Marco A. Gonzalez (Dr. G) by clicking here or calling 915-600-2639.

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“Gave me back my confidence after correcting another surgeon’s work. Very professional, blessed, and gifted, a master at what he was clearly born to do. Went back for another surgery and couldn’t be happier.”

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