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Are you a candidate for liposuction surgery? 

Plastic Surgery

September 20, 2020 | 3 minute read

Liposuction surgery

Are you a candidate for liposuction surgery? Stubborn fatty tissue deposits in certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and flanks can get difficult to eliminate with diet and exercise alone. If you have been struggling with unsightly bulges, you may consider liposuction body contouring cosmetic surgery. 

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will determine whether liposuction is a suitable procedure to meet your anatomical and personal aesthetic goals. Envy Aesthetic Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez, provides liposuction surgery to patients in El Paso, TX, and surrounding communities.  

Good Candidates 

An ideal candidate for liposuction plastic surgery would have excess fat pockets in certain body areas, which have become resistant to diet or exercise. The candidate should preferably have a stable and moderate body weight (within 20 or 25 pounds of their ideal weight). If you are below the age of 18, you will need to meet certain medical criteria before you can be considered for liposuction. 

Who is not a candidate 

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers  
  • People who are using blood thinners or NSAIDs, except if they are allowed to temporarily stop the use these medications  
  • Patients with certain types of medical conditions that could interfere with the surgery or healing process 
  • Individuals with a known allergy to lidocaine, a local anesthetic that your surgeon may want to use for performing tumescent liposuction 

Teen Candidates 

In exceptional cases, a teen may be a candidate for liposuction plastic surgery. The surgeon will evaluate the teenager’s emotional stability, maturity, and self-esteem levels before allowing them to undergo this surgery.  

In these cases, the surgeon may not perform an extensive liposuction in multiple areas, but only focus on a single problem area to improve the teen patient’s personal confidence. For instance, a teen may be unhappy about excessive fat deposits in the buttocks areas, which can be corrected with a limited liposuction surgery.  

Adult Candidates 

Liposuction can be performed on adults of any age, as long as they are fit and healthy enough to sustain the surgery and anesthesia. Liposuction is aimed at removing unwanted fat pockets, but it will not tighten loose skin. 

Therefore, patients with fair amount skin elasticity in the treated sites will be able to obtain the best results. Older candidates with more significant skin laxity may have to combine liposuction with body lift surgery to achieve desirable outcomes.  

All candidates should have realistic expectations, and should be aware that liposuction is a fat reduction procedure, and not a weight loss surgery. Candidates should be committed to refrain from smoking for several weeks before and after the surgery for their own safety and health.  

Medical Problems 

If you suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or hypertension, you should consult with your surgeon to determine your candidacy for liposuction. Your surgeon’s goal will be to minimize your risk of complications, and ensure that you are able to achieve safe and predictable results with minimum scarring.  

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez receives patients from El Paso, TX, and nearby areas for liposuction body contouring surgery. 

Contact El Paso, TX Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marco A. Gonzalez

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