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What should you expect during a consultation for breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation

October 05, 2019 | 3 minute read

Breast Augmentation Surgery Consultation 

What should you expect during a consultation for breast augmentation El PasoThe initial consultation process is an integral part of any cosmetic surgery procedure, including breast augmentation.

A major benefit of breast augmentation is that it is a highly customizable procedure. Therefore, an experienced plastic surgeon will focus on creating an individualized surgical plan on the basis of the patient’s unique cosmetic and anatomical needs.

A comprehensive and detailed consultation process is the foundation of an effective breast enhancement procedure. Envy Aesthetic Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez, provides breast implants to patients in El Paso, TX, and surrounding communities.

Vital Decisions during the Consultation

Breast augmentation surgery planning involves some key decisions such as the type of surgical technique, implant choice, and the likelihood of a breast lift in combination with the enhancement procedure. The patient should engage actively in the consultation process on these decisions to experience an effective and successful breast augmentation procedure.

Implant Choices

The final outcomes of the procedure will be influenced by the size and type of breast implants chosen for the surgery. At the time of the initial consultation, the surgeon will inform the patient about the variations between saline, silicone, and ultra cohesive breast implants as well as discuss the benefits and limitations of each implant type.

The surgeon and the patient will also have to decide on the implant size, shape, and profile during the consultation.

Implant Placement Position

The breast surgeon can place the implants submuscularly (placed beneath the pectoral muscle) or subglandularly (placed in front of the pectoral muscle and directly behind the breast tissue). The degree of invasiveness for each of these options is different, and the surgeon will help the patient in making a suitable choice regarding implant placement.

Incision Locations

The surgeon may perform breast augmentation by making an incision right beneath the breast crease at the base of the breast, in the armpit, or along the border of the lower half of the areola.

The patient should feel free to ask the surgeon any questions or any concerns that they may have about the plastic surgery or the surgeon’s background.

Suitable Candidates

An experienced surgeon will determine the patient’s candidacy for breast augmentation surgery during the pre-operative consultation. They will perform a general health examination and evaluate the breast structure and skin elasticity and texture.

In addition, the surgeon will evaluate the medical and surgical history of the patient as well as order medical tests if necessary. They will incorporate the patient’s inputs regarding their aesthetic goals into an individualized breast augmentation plan.

Guidelines for Preparation and Recovery

In case the patient smokes, she will need to discontinue smoking for several weeks before and after the surgery. The surgeon will inform them about this requirement during the consultation process.

On top of this, they may change the patient’s schedule for prescription drugs, blood-thinners, and herbal supplements in discussion with their primary care doctor.

The consultation process also involves various other facets such as the estimated costs of breast enhancement, financing options, before and after photos, and patient testimonials. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez receives patients from El Paso, TX, and nearby areas for breast implants.

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