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Is A Mommy Makeover Dangerous?

Plastic Surgery

August 31, 2022 | 4 minute read

Is A Mommy Makeover Dangerous? | El Paso TX Plastic SurgeryEvery plastic surgery brings risks along with it. It’s crucial that you weigh the necessary risks against benefits when considering a mommy makeover. The extent of risk depends on the expertise and capabilities of the plastic surgeon you choose. Responsible cosmetic surgeons ensure their patients understand the various risk factors involved in a particular procedure. They will also discuss possible alternative treatments.

Major risks associated with the procedures in a mommy makeover are rare and can be minimized with proactive measures. Envy Aesthetic Center, led by sterling board certified plastics surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez, provides mommy makeover surgery to patients in El Paso, TX, and surrounding locations.

Adverse Anesthesia Reaction

You will be given a general anesthesia if your mommy makeover involves a breast surgery, tummy tuck or any other major plastic surgery procedure. Local anesthesia with sedation may be used in some mommy makeover procedures. Some patients may experience an adverse anesthesia reaction, which should be managed by a qualified anesthesiologist present in the operating room. Higher sedation levels may also be accompanied by higher risks. 

Risks of Smoking

Tobacco users and smokers have an additional risk that is not entirely specific to mommy makeover, but all surgical procedures. There is an increased risk of surgical complications in patients that are smokers, chew tobacco, consume nicotine gum, or apply nicotine patches. You may experience slower healing, skin necrosis, and increased scarring. Delayed recovery risk is also elevated for tobacco users. 

The best way of avoiding such additional risks is to not smoke or have any tobacco products. You would be better off by stopping even if you smoked in the past. In fact, your surgeon will likely ask you to quit all tobacco products at least 2 weeks before the procedure and to continue the abstinence for 4 weeks following the surgery. 

Delayed Healing and Infections

There are several risks associated with all types of surgery. These are not specific to getting a mommy makeover. For instance, the risk of accumulation of fluid, poor wound healing, pulmonary, and cardiac complications, and deep vein thrombosis is prevalent in all types of surgical procedures. 

Getting the cosmetic surgery performed by an inexperienced surgeon place you at an additional risk of damage to the deeper structures, such as muscles, nerves, lungs, blood vessels, and other organs. 


Almost all surgical procedures cause swelling and bruising in the affected body areas. You should expect swelling and bruising symptoms following the mommy makeover. You may develop these symptoms in your breasts and abdomen depending on the type of procedures included in your mommy makeover. Typically, such symptoms disappear in a few weeks. Taking all of this into account, they may persist for a longer period of time in other patients. 

You should follow all post-operative surgical instructions for a smoother recovery. You should stay hydrated for reducing swelling. Hematoma refers to an extreme form of bruising which can occur after surgical mommy makeover. Hematoma occurs because of pooling of blood. This may happen after a few days of the surgery.

Envy Aesthetic Center, led by cordial and dedicated cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez, receives patients from El Paso, TX, and nearby areas for mommy makeover surgery.

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