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How Much Do Chin Implants Cost?

Plastic Surgery

December 15, 2020 | 3 minute read

Chin Implants Cost

How Much Do Chin Implants Cost?Chin is an important aspect of your face. A strong, well-defined jawline can make you look more appealing. Many people with recessive or weak chin prefer undergoing a chin augmentation procedure to improve their overall facial balance and appearance. However, before you move forward with this surgery, it is vital that you speak with your treatment provider about the various aspects of the procedure, including overall estimated costs.

Envy Aesthetic Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez, provides chin implants surgery to patients in El Paso, TX, and surrounding locations.

Chin Implant Cost Factors

Chin implant procedure is a highly customizable plastic surgery. The size and type of implants used depend on your unique needs and requirements. In certain cases, cost of surgery can vary between two patients even if they get the procedure done at the same facility, by the same surgeon.

Cost of chin implants depend on the following factors:

Location of the practice

Location of the practice is an important cost determining factor. Cost of living varies significantly between small interior towns and vast metropolitan cities. This affects everything, including the cost of surgeries, such as chin augmentation.

Plastic surgeon’s fee

Your chin augmentation surgery cost depends greatly on the surgeon’s fee. This fee can vary as per the surgeon’s expertise and skills. Patients are encouraged by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to find the best surgeon without paying heed to their fee. Cost should not be a priority over quality and safety.

Cost of anesthesia

Another important cost consideration is the anesthesiologist’s fee. Most chin augmentation procedures are performed under local anesthesia with a mild intravenous sedative. However, you may require general anesthesia if you are getting multiple facial surgeries performed in conjunction. This will bump up the overall costs. Also, treatment at a new facility with state of the art technology will generally cost more.

Quality of chin implants

Chin implants come in various shapes, sizes, and types. They can horizontal, square or vertical depending on your unique needs. The final result will depend on the type of synthetic material used in the manufacture of the implant. Silicone or GORE-TEX implants come pre-shaped and look like the tapered chin guard in sports helmets.

The surgeon will need to sculpt this implant after inserting it for a customized fit. The overall cost will vary as per the quality, size, and number of implants used.

Complexity of the surgery

In certain cases, your surgeon may recommend additional procedures, like lip augmentation and rhinoplasty for more harmonious results. The cost will increase depending on the scope and number of procedures performed.

Understanding Insurance and Financing

Chin augmentation procedure when considered as an aesthetic cosmetic surgery is not covered under regular health plan. However, you can always acquire a loan at competitive rates from medical care finance companies.

Make sure to discuss rebates, discounts, and financing options with your treatment provider if you are getting multiple elective procedures at the same facility. Dr. Marco Gonzalez receives patients from El Paso, TX, and nearby areas for chin implants surgery.

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