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How Long Until I Can Return To Regular Activity After A BBL?

Plastic Surgery

July 10, 2022 | 4 minute read

How Long Until I Can Return To Regular Activity After A BBL? | El Paso TXBrazilian butt lift (BBL) is a popular plastic surgery procedure among women in various age groups. The surgery involves transferring fat to the buttocks for enhancing its shape and size. You can now choose to re-sculpt your lower body by adding more fullness and volume to the buttocks with a BBL. 

Moreover, many patients don’t want to wait for full recovery before getting back to their regular routine and the gym for maintaining safe results. A responsible surgeon ensures their patients have realistic expectations of the recovery timeline. Envy Aesthetic Center, led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez, provides Brazilian butt lift surgery to patients in El Paso, TX, and surrounding locations.

Overview of BBL

BBL is a cosmetic surgery fat grafting procedure that men and women can choose for enhancing the appearance of their backsides. It allows for re-sculpting the buttocks by injecting purified fat. The first part of the procedure involves liposuction to remove fat from donor sites, such as flanks, upper thighs, or stomach. The extracted fat is separated and purified. Healthy fat cells are injected in the buttocks for creating a desired and shapely contour. 

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Process

The healing process involved in a Brazilian butt lift plastic surgery is relatively straightforward and quick. The procedure requires 2 – 3 weeks before you can resume work. You may not be allowed to sit directly on your buttocks during this time. You can alter or shift the transplanted fat by placing pressure on the buttocks. In some cases, transferred fat cells may even get destroyed. 

You would be given compression garments by your surgeon for minimizing swelling and bruising. You would be asked to take short and frequent walks for promoting proper blood circulation and flow. You should know that you would have tiny liposuction incisions at the donor site. You would need to take care of them properly. 

Common symptoms following surgery include slight bleeding, numbness, and discomfort at the donor site and buttocks. Your surgeon will determine when the sutures will be removed after evaluating your progress. They will let you know when you would be able to resume your regular routine.

Resuming Regular Routine Following a BBL Surgery

It is challenging to have a more voluminous and rounder backside through exercise and diet alone. The buttocks are not immune to changes associated with hormones, weight loss, lifestyle and age. It’s critical to be patient during the recovery process. You should not rush your body at this time. The surgeon may give you the green light to resume your routine after 2 – 3 weeks. 

This healing period is necessary to allow the transferred fat cells to stabilize and settle in. Regular blood supply to the buttocks area helps in the recovery process, which is why the surgeon will ask you to take short walks around the house. You can negatively impact the fat transfer process by going to work or exercising before you have healed fully. 

You should not attempt to return to work before your surgeon has cleared you for it. Diligent cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marco Gonzalez receives patients from El Paso, TX, and nearby areas for Brazilian butt lift surgery

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